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With the industrial revolution, man developed numerous equipments to facilitate their routing works. On the other hand they developed wide spectrum of equipments for their entertainment purposes including TV, Computers, Refrigerators, Mobile phones, etc… Can you remember when you bought your first TV or Refrigerator? May be in 1980s. Now where is it? Surely it is in a locked storage room, isn’t it. Yes thats the nature, the unusable equipments are thrown away from houses. Then these will collect in the environment. This garbage is known as E-Waste.

What is the important of this E-Waste? Most components of these equipment are consist of deadly chemicals and metals such as Lead, Chromium, Mercury, Cadmium, PVC, Beryllium and etc…. which can deteriorate you health from healthy states to severely ill state. Prolong exposure to these chemicals will lead to skin cancers, endocrine problems, nervous system problems, renal carcinomas, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. That is because these Waste will pollute the air, water and soil. We can use three ‘R’ system to prevent  this. 3R means Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.Not only developed countries, developing countries also faced this problem at the moment. If not, the will face it in near future. In most developing countries people are reluctant to throw these away, because they paid large sum of money to buy them. But one day they have to dispose them once they go beyond there repairing capacity. That is the moment that the problem will arise.

Because of the serious health hazards, we need to dispose those waste in a safe manner. But how? That is a problem. We need safe places to dispose them, otherwise they will contaminate the environment. 

So please try to understand the problem. The public awareness is only a initial step to prevent this. We need to go beyond that and should take actions to reduce the E-Waste. There should be a collecting mechanism for E-Waste separately. It may be a take back mechanism or either a destroying mechanism. Anyway we should make a better arrangement for this. The government as well as the private sector should involve in this process. Community participation is also a must. 

Please take this seriously in to consideration and help your government bodies and the private sector to dispose E-Waste properly. Otherwise we all are going to suffer one day. 

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