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Watering Moon

With the technological development, the man tried to explore the different planets  to live. But as we know we need some fundamentals to live in a planet. As essential requirements we need Water and Oxygen to live. Apart from that we need plants, foods  and etc… Because of the curiosity of scientists, they tried different methods to find water in moon.

Ultimately they were able to reach their primary objective after making a blast on the surface of moon. That blast was on 9th October 2009 and they were able to create a hole that was 70 feet wide but only about 6 feet in dept. The blast made a cloud of mineral dust that was six miles above the moon’s surface. By this blast they were expecting to reveal the water which is frozen inside the moon. Because they thought that even if the surface is dry there would be more water inside the core of the moon since it is the most nearest planet to the earth. After one year of the blast on the moon by using a fuel tank which is attached to a rocket, they were able to interpret the result. The results are  announced  by NASA space agency and further they have mentioned that they have found much more than they expected. The first picture (LCROSS) shows you the space ship that used for blast on the moon surface.

It took months for scientists at NASA to analyze the data they had collected from the experiment. The results were released on last Friday with their recent findings. It says the moon not only consists of water, there is lot more water inside it. Their expectation before the blast was to find that at least 1 percent of the mineral dust storm they created would be water ice. but they were able to found 342 pounds of ice and water vapor through this blast which was hidden inside the moon. Actually they have found that almost 6 percent of the crater could be made of frozen water. Scientists estimate crater hold up to 1 billion gallons of water ice (enough to fill 1,500 Olympic-size swimming pools).

Water is not the only resource they have found on the moon, they have found significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, mercury, silver, and even gold (Wow…gold). It sounds good, isn’t it? That means the moon was hiding a big treasury for more than thousand years.

This discovery is carrying a huge implications not only for space organizations like NASA but also for all human kind who is expecting to live in moon in future . Having a water supply on the moon means it could support human life with oxygen. The finding of Hydrogen also play an important role because it can provide fuel for the ships which uses for trips to the moon for further explorations. 

That the story about the moon up to now. Be ready to visit moon in near future (he..he..he..). Until then keep in touch with this blog.

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