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Why blogging is Important

Once I told you “howto make a new blog in blogger”. Have you made a blog? If not, clickhere to see how to make a newblogger blog. Even if you already have a blog, you may not know what theadvantages of a blog are in current context. Because of this I decided to makeyou aware of the importance of blogging. 

1.    Blogs are more search engine friendly thanwebsites.
Since Blogs areupdated in regular basis with rich content the search engines likes to keep aneye on blogs rather than web sites. Other thing they provide you high qualitycontent within few seconds. Some blogs are updated daily and some are weekly.So you can give a good publicity to your business by using a blog.
2.    Blogs can drive more traffic to your website
As I mentioned earlierthe blogs are search engine friendly than websites. Because of this they willget a higher page ranks. So they will appear in first page of search engines.Then you can redirect them to your website through your blog. It will bring youmore quality trade with better offers.
3.    Blogs can start for free or at very low cost
There are several sites(hosts) give you the chance to make a blog without spending your hard earnedmoney. Most famous web hosts are Blogger and WordPress. If you are expecting totake your own domain name, it is also provided at low cost. So you can makebetter profit from your business without expending money for a website.
There are other thousands of reasons to make a blog and readblogs. Following are only few reasons to make and follow a blog.
4.    Blogs brings your ideas to the public
It can make yoursuggestions to the people who are following you and you can get their ideas onthe topics that you are discussing.
5.    You can share information with your followers
It may be news,technology or techniques.
6.    Blogs itself can act as a source for making money
By advertising andpromoting items you can make money through your blog without paying for premiumsites
7.    Community can solve your problem
You can ask other’sideas regarding a problem that you have already faced and you can solve themout with the help of the community. As example you can ask more informationabout Google AdSense and can solve the problems that you have faced.
8.    You can create your own community
9.    You can post your creative ideas about a common thing indifferent aspect
10. You can criticise others when their ideas not matched with yours
These are only few importance of a blog. In current context mostof the people use blogs to get publicity to their products. And some are usingblogs are their main income through advertising.
I will discuss more about the ways that people use blogs as theirmain income in my future posts. Until then keep in touch.
Post your comments for the benefit of other readers. Happyblogging.

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