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Why CSS Base Templates are Preferred HTML Table Based Templates

There are different ways to make blogger templates. The most popular two methods of making a blogger template are by using CSS and by using HTML tables. But there are major issues to consider while making a template. The templates made by CSS are more common and work effectively as free templates for blogger.


www templates with CSS


You may know what CSS templates are and what table templates are. CSS templates are completely made up of CSS. The table templates are made up of HTML tables. The CSS templates are getting more and more popular than the HTML table templates. But why is this happening? Have you ever think about this? May be yes, may be no. Sometimes you will tell CSS templates are more attractive than the HTML table templates. Yes it may be true, but it is not the only reason why webmasters prefer CSS templates.

So I thought to post reasons why CSS templates are more popular than HTML table templates. Continue reading below;

1.    CSS templates are more faster

The most common problem of the HTML tables is the higher loading time which causes delay in loading the web page. This is mainly due to markup tags such as “td width”, “hight”,“with”, etc. In CSS templates the text and images are separated in to HTML file and the appearance is maintained by a CSS file. This CSS part consists of the position, alignment, text size, text colorand etc. So once the CSS part loads it loads fast when you are moving in to different page of the same blog/website. Because of this, the time taken for loading a blog becomes less. 

The other important aspect of CSS is it cuts down most of the markup tags. So it becomes faster and provides a great experience to the visitor than the HTML based table templates.

2.    Easy to edit

Editing of CSS websites is lot easier than the HTML tables. Since CSS based templates are hosted in a separate CSS file, a tiny change of the file can make a huge difference to the website. And most of the similar parts can be grouped in one CSS group and it easy the editing. If you want to change the colors of all the H1 tags of your blog, what you need to do is, just change the color code in which represent H1 tag color. You don’t need to change the color of each and every H1 tag. But in HTML table based templates you have to change each title separately. This is just one example, but there are lots more. So my opinion is CSS templates are lot more easily to edit.

3.    Quick redesigning ability

Most of the bloggers think it is very difficult to redesign your website. But it is not true. Trust me it takes only 15 minutes for me to redesign my blog completely. The method is not a trick. I just go to my template editor and change my CSS file. Then it will affect all the pages of my blog. So I don’t need to change the appearance of my blog pages one by one.

4.    More SEO friendly

Since CSS load faster than HTML tables search engine bots can easily crawl your website and index it on major search engines. Next thing is CSS is not using much markup. So it is easy for the search engine spiders to access all the pages of your website. The usage of header tags will easy the process of identifying and indexing your blog content on correct category of the search engine.

5.    Easy accessibility for readers

With the advancement of the technology there are different browsing devices coming in to market such as mobile phones, pda and etc. If your blog become distorted on those devices, it will make user unhappy. The CSS will work smoothly on those devices, but HTML tables will distort. So CSS based websites can easily accessible with any kind of devices.

6.    Great designs and layouts

CSS is an advanced web designing language. So it can change the design as your wishwithout making any error. So Unlike HTML based templates, CSS based once can be customized accordingly.

Well, those are the main advantages of CSS based templates over the HTML table based templates. So if you are using HTML tables based template now, this is the time for you to put it in to your dust bin and add a new CSS based blogger template to your blog.

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