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Advertising on Facebook, in all its new forms

Some days ago, held its first Face book Marketing Conference at the Museum of Natural History in New York. During the event they were presented new advertising products companies that Mashable has summed up well in the Q & A that are below.

What new advertising products today announced Facebook?

 The products are officially 5:

• Ads that appear in News Feed
• Ads placed in the right shoulder of your page
in the News • Announcements Feed your mobile device
• Ads that appear when you log out
• “Offers”

But in truth only the ads on log out and “Offers” are really new products. Those in the News Feed appeared in early January, those on the right shoulder last year and those in mobile it is spoken by mid-December. ”Offers” which present, he is free to advertisers, allows brands to discounts and promotions to share with their fans within Facebook.


But the banner on the right shoulder was not there before? What is so different?

Most of the advertisements that you see in the right shoulder are the ones who called Facebook Marketplace ads, which typically follow the logic of direct response. The Premium ads displayed in this space come from a brand Page and not the typical ads that we usually see. Often consist of a status update or a video, rather than in a traditional banner.


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So I will not see the banner until cliccherò “Like” or until it will not do my friend?

Not necessarily. In those cases you’ll have more chances of seeing one of the ads, but you could see it even if you or your friends are not fans of any brand Page.

This also applies to advertisements in the News Feed?

No, we’ll see if you or your friends have interacted with a brand Page. But if you do not follow any brand, and your friend, yes, you may see ads in your News Feed if your friend has clicked “Like”.

Then there are advertisers who pay for these ads in the News Feed?

Not always. Sometimes it ends in the News Feed so organic, like any other status update. Other times they are not free, but you will see them only if you or your friends have interacted with the brand.

How advertisers pay for Premium Ads?

Not according to the banner click that they receive. While this is still the model for Marketplace ads, the Premium ads are based on impressions and reach, similar to television commercials. Last year, Facebook has partnered with Nielsen to introduce the logic of the GRP (Gross Rating Points) and de-emphasize the click-through.


The click-through rate on Facebook ads is pretty low. Facebook claims that CTR is a poor and irrelevant metric to measure the performance of an advertisement. For example, you can click on a TV commercial, but it could persuade you to buy something.

If not using the CTR, as do advertisers understand that the campaign worked?

Facebook uses marketing mix modeling for some customers, such as Procter & Gamble, to demonstrate the effectiveness of a campaign. The company is working with advertisers on various plans to show that an advertising campaign on Facebook manages to make sales or awareness - whatever the goal.

What is the Reach Generator?

The Reach Generator is a new tool designed to ensure that brands achieve all their fans. A post of a brand (or person) reaches an average of only 16% of all fans, for different reasons. The Reach Generator allows advertisers to reach over 86% of the fans, by republishing the advertisements as a status update with respect to those fans.

Because Facebook puts so much emphasis on brand Page ?

The company believes that brands should not be distinguishable from your friends on Facebook. If the brand post something interesting, it should appear in your feed, but if placed something boring, no. Improving engagement and reach of the brands that have pages of well-managed, Facebook hopes to make it the cornerstone of the strategy of every marketer and make sure that the brands offer more compelling content. As JFK said, “a rising tide lifts all boats” (we would say probably “kill two birds with one stone”).

What could prevent this from happening?

A lot of things. Users may get annoyed when they see a lot of content from the brand and decide to remove the “Like” from their pages. Google + Twitter or could become a destination for the brand. The advertisements based on status updates may be ineffective in the long run. Advertisers may decide that the click-through is actually a good way to measure the performance of an advertisement. Eventually, users will have the last word.

Finally, my personal opinion: Facebook, sooner or later, will launch its AdSense.

In many ways its widgets / gadgets are present in the vast majority of websites on the planet, and I do not think is a problem for Facebook to do it hangs in a bannerino, perhaps by binding to its bubbolo which already shows the faces of fans.

Facebook, unlike Google, it will display banners related to content, but knowing the tastes, interests and passions of the fans of this site can submit their advertisements highly relevant, which in turn will be looked at and clicked. And that will bring more money into the coffers of Facebook, and (finally) even in the poor webmaster, who up to now by Facebook have seen just a little ‘traffic.


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