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Top 3 secrets which boost your Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense is a great way of earning additional revenue from your blogging initiatives. Earning through the same is a great motivational factor for a blogger who depends upon writing. As a blogger you may be earning a handsome amount through Google Adsense but Google Adsense offers a great scope for improvement to a blogger. This comes in terms of enhanced income generation that can be brought about through the same.

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Below are listed some of the prime secrets that will help you improve the earnings you make through Google Adsense.

Cost Per Click (CPC) takes care of the numbers

Chances are bright that you may have heard about the relevance of CPC but have hardly cared for the same. This interesting facts remains undiscovered and unnoticed. CPC of the Ad Sense ads is a vital factor in increasing the revenue.

In simpler terms this means that the advertisement that gets loaded on your site first contributes the maximum amount of Cost per Click towards the Ad Sense earnings. This can be better understood through an example. If as a blogger you are using of ad units of Google Ad Sense on the site page, as soon a visitor lands on the blog page, highest CPC ad is send by Google to the zone of the site that is displayed first. If a particular ad size displays first, the advertisement displaying first will have the maximum CPC as compared to other two.

Keep an account of this fact and position the ads accordingly. Place high priority ads accordingly so that the cost per click chances gets better. It will help you generate more revenue.

Click through Rate (CTR) takes care of the performance

Hundreds of blogs are available in the online market that guide on ways to improve upon the CTR. The same is considered vital when it comes to improving the performance and increasing earnings. The relevance being paid to CTR is indicative of the fact that the daily traffic is vital and plays an important role in improving the Ad Sense earnings. However, this is essentially half the truth.

The best way of improving performance through CTR is to place the first Ad Sense advertisement of a particular page at a suitable place. This place essentially needs to be the place that has great exposure. Placing the advertisement at the relevant spot will result in more clicks on these highest paid advertisements.

The first Ad Sense advertisement should ideally be placed at the beginning of the article to grab the best possible exposure. The 3d medical animation has boosted their income by appling this strategy within first 6 months.

Marketing focused on unique visitors

Even Google admits it, though it sounds vague. Unique visitors rather than returning visitors need to be cared for more. Even if the site has low traffic but if it is able to attract unique visitors, this is a good sign for the future.

The number of unique visitors can easily be tracked through a range of apps as Piwik and Google Analytics.

Follow these three tips and your Google Ad Sense revenue is set to increase by about 40 to 50 percent.


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