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Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5?

Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest electronics giants known today. As we are in the point in time where smartphones dominate the market, these two big names intend to keep their dominance with their newest devices. On Apple’s side, we have the iPhone 5; on Samsung’s side, we have the Galaxy S3. Both are perhaps the hottest items available today, but which would be the better device to go with? Which phone would tickle your fancy more? As there are too many categories to compare them with, both phones will be compared on only 3 categories: design, software, and power.

Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5

Design comparison

The iPhone 5’s design specifics include a thickness of 7.6mm with a metal casing and a non-removable battery, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 8.6mm thick with plastic casing and a removable battery. Each material used for the design has its advantages; the iPhone 5’s metal casing is harder, meaning it is more durable, but it is also heavier. The Galaxy S3’s plastic cover is lighter, but due to its thinness, it can be easily damaged. Not to mention, the Galaxy S3’s battery can be replaced, which puts it at a slight advantage over the iPhone. Despite all this, both phones are tough, able to take some punishment.

Software comparison

The iPhone 5 runs the iOS 6, while the Galaxy S3 runs the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz. The iOS 6 was good for its bug-free nature, but only has a few features compared to the Android OS the Galaxy S3 uses. Aside from navigation, video multitasking and NGC sharing, the Galaxy S3 uses the TouchWiz interface, which on its own has plenty of features to use. That’s not to say that the Galaxy S3 has the iOS 6 beat; while the iOS 6 doesn’t have a lot of features, the ones it has are usually all that you need, and the multitude of features the Galaxy S3 has can feel unnecessary. All in all, it all depends on what you want: a few features which are all you need, or a lot of features to play with.

Power comparison

The iPhone 5 runs the Apple A6 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, with a triple-core PowerVR SGX 543MP3 GPU and 1GB of RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on the Exynos 4412 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, with the Mali-400MP GPU and 1 GB of RAM. In terms of raw power, the Galaxy S3’s Exynos 4412 processor falt out beats the iPhone’s Apply A6. In terms of GPU, the iPhone 5 beats the Galaxy S3 on this field. This makes playing games with the iPhone a better experience, as they are likely to release the full potential of the iPhone 5 than with the Galaxy S3.

Final words

All in all, it really depends on the user’s preference. The iPhone 5 is an overall simpler smartphone to use, either for calling or gaming, as well as very easy to hold and is durable. The Galaxy S3, on the other hand, is more for the technologically savvy, and is less restricted.

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