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Google Nexus 7 Reviews

The Google nexus 7 is a new Google phone that is on the market in the present. It is an Android enabled Smartphone that runs a lot of programs and has a lot of new features that distinguishes it. When it comes to reviews in terms of applications and features, it houses a 1.3GHZ Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. The nexus 7 is also designed with a 1GB or RAM. The phone as it is presently designed has an 802.11 b/g/n WI-Fi support. It has Bluetooth enabled. It also comes with a gyroscope and an accelerometer. This masterpiece of a phone also comes with GPS that automatically makes its android application very effective and classy.  It is also enabled with the Google’s NFC-based technology.

The phone is also endowed with a lot of features like the lock screen.  The lock screen which a lot of people see as the things being demanded by fans of Google has finally arrived in the new nexus 7. Here, you are able to add multiple email boxes, clocks, and even calendars to the lock screen in question.

It also enables you to make use of a widget which is termed “what’s this song”? You can add this widget, and it gives you a very new function. This function that it gives you is this. Whenever a song is being played either from your device or any other device, the widget will listen to the song, identify the song in the Google play store, and immediately provide you with a link to purchase it in the Google play store. The Google nexus also has the Nook HD, which lets you to set up different profiles. With it, you can have both child and adult profiles on your phone. This allows parents to have more than one administrative account.

Google nexus 7 review

The nexus 7 is also endowed with different customized features for the Gmail. These features include things like features that will allow you to swipe messages away in your Inbox when you want to archive them. The definition that this gets is that it seems insignificant. But in actual sense it has a lot of impact. It is also endowed with a multi screen effect that will allow you have multiple user accounts.

Daydreams is an interactive one that serves as a screen saver and plays out when you are charging your phone, or when it is asleep. It displays clock, colors, jelly beans etc. the screen is of a 1,280×800-pixel resolution, with 4.0 android.  It comes with a 1.2 megapixel front camera, with a power lock button, a volume rocker and a headphone jack.  It is also endowed with a micro USB port and a 2 inch long speaker. Then it has its SIM card house or slot in the middle of the edge. It also comes with 32 gigabits of storage, and has an overall size of 7.9 inches.

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