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How To find the Image path of a website background image by Google Chrome

Most of the people know this trick of finding the URL to an image of a website. But some people still struggling with this. So I decided to write a quick post (but informative post on how to find the URL to a image of a website).

Through this post I am talking about a background image of a website, not about a image inside a post. Because you can find the URL to a image inside a post easily by just right clicking and selecting “Copy Link address”. But you can’t do it for background images. For today tutorial we selected a YouTube channel to find the image path for the background image. So first visit the YouTube channel I selected first. Here is the link; ICC World Twenty 20 Sri Lanka 2012

Now what we are going to extract the background image of the above YouTube channel. See the following image I added, then you will understand it.

How to Extract YouTube Background

Let see how to do this. First open your Google Chrome web browser. Then visit the above given YouTube channel. Then right click on the YouTube background image. Then click on “Inspect Elements” from the drop down menu as shown below.

Now you will get a separate window at the lower part of the screen. On that small window you will see there are different tabs with the name of “Elements”, “resources”, “Network” etc. Click on the “Resources” tab as I shown below.

resources tab for extracting images

Now You will see different folders on the left hand side of the screen. Among those folders you will see a folder called “Frames” (Usually in the upper part of the window). Open it by clicking on the small arrow next to the folder. You will see a folder inside it. Open it too as you opened the Frames folder. Once it opened you will see the text called “images”. Open it by clicking on the small arrow next to it. Now you see all the images of the page. Check the screenshot below.

extract background of a youtube channel

Now click on each image and you will see the preview of the image on the right side of the window. Below the image preview you will see the image path to that particular image as I shown below.


Now Click in the image link, it will open on a new window. This trick can be applied to all the websites which allows you to right click on it. Mozilla Firefox can also be used to extract the images of a website. I’ll bring it to you in future posts. So go now, try it and let me know your experience.


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