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If I buy edu backlinks from an SEO link building provider will it still work in a post-penguin world?

There’s currently a ton of companies out there offering to build edu links for you with the promise that your site will shoot to the top in a very short period of time.

While this promise is very possible, and Google does treat .edu backlines (and .gov backlinks) with a substantially larger amount of trust and value than for say a .com or .net or .org Top Level Domain – its important to remember to build these links slowly and in a drip feed manner – also keeping in mind the “new SEO rules” in a post-penguin and post-panda world that we live in.



And, here’s what you need to keep in mind…

  1. Build more edu and gov contextual backlinks and lesser edu and gov forum profile links.
  1. Make sure to use generic keywords as your backlinks like – click here, visit our homepage, visit website.
  1. Also use raw naked URLs like www.yoursite.com or http://www.yoursite.com – this is absolutely essential specially while making some Web2.0 editorial links or WIKI posts
  1. Link to inner pages of your website also – and don’t just link to the homepage.

There’s plenty of content around the web where people are talking about what to do with link building and SEO after the deadly Google Penguin update. If you want to read more on this you can visit some of these pages…

 Google Webmaster Central Blog

 Google Penguin Update on Wikipedia

 Resource of Multiple Stories on the Update

 Penguin Algorithm Update Timeline

The bottom line is that you just need to be creating content that has value for readers and is not just some crappy spammy ultraspun output that does not make any sense and sounds like an output of some translation software gone bonkers. :)

So, if you buy edu backlinks you absolutely need to make sure that you build high quality editorial content that is carefully placed on these .edu domains. You need to follow all the new SEO rules in the post-penguin world – and you will be safe!


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