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Why Would You Need A Spy Software For Mobile Phones Of Your Employees?

Organizational politics has been damaging organizations from the beginning. If you want your business to have smooth operations, then it is very important for you to lessen the organizational politics as much as u can. Employees whining about how tough their job is and bitching about their colleagues is a pretty common example of a poor organizational culture. Keep a close eye on your employees at all times by using the help of a spy software for mobiles of theirs.

StealthGenie Is Useful:

Monitor your employees at all times to avoid them with any loop hole to damage the flow of your business. This mobile spy app runs quietly in the background of your employee’s phone without providing them with any chance of knowing that they are being monitored. Taking only five minutes to get downloaded inside your employee’s cell phone, StealthGenie does not disturb any feature of their smartphone.

WhatsApp Messages:

A WhatsApp messenger is used pretty extensively by people to communicate with each other. In companies, a WhatsApp messenger is a pretty common mode of communication amongst employees. Gaining access to all the WhatsApp communications of your employees help you know how they communicate amongst themselves. Even all the SMS messages records of employees are provided to employers with StealthGenie’s help.

Basic Features:

Every single contact number stored inside your employee’s cell phone as well as their entire web browsing history is provided to employers. All the bookmarked pages and all the e-mail messages of employees are also part of the records disclosed. Along with this, complete phone call records of employees are shown to employers along with the exact date, time and duration of every call.

Compatible Phones:

iPhone models with iOS 4.0 or higher than that are perfectly compatible with this app. Along with this, all the latest Android and BlackBerry phones work perfectly fine with this app. Use the log-in details that StealthGenie has provided you with and gain access to your StealthGenie member’s area. Here the complete cell phone data of your employees will be right in front of your eyes.

Simple Business Running:

Business politics is pretty harmful for your business. If you sincerely wish to see your company prosper, then you need to get rid of this threat as early as possible. Get yourself registered with a software to spy mobile phone of your employees and ensure how important your business is for you.


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