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Three Easy Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Beginners

Are you new to search engine optimization? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. SEO has become a major branch of internet marketing and search engine manipulation so it seems only natural that so many people are trying to learn more about it. However, the practice of improving and promoting a web site is not something you can learn over night. For most people it is a very confusing field because there are so many things you have to understand about it. Nevertheless, it is something even people with basic knowledge about computers can understand, as long as they learn from the correct tutorials. Although there are many articles about SEO available online, most of them offer misleading information, which will only further confuse inexperienced learners.

Three Easy Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Beginners


What SEO does

SEO is the proccess of gaining better ranking, and organic traffic from SERPs with the help of ethical (or unethical) methods. We do not encourage unethical strategies, because they are usually high-risk and they do not offer good long term ROI. It is with the help of ethical ones that you will eventually gain a steady income, and online credibility. The most popular SEO practices are content building, link-building, keyword search, social media marketing and so on. Let’s discuss three effective practices which you can use, even if you only have basic knowledge in the matter.

1. Link-building

Ranking in the top 10 search results on SERPs ten years ago was a piece of cake. Now, due to several algorithm changes, engines are harder to manipulate. Moreover, the many elements that are used to determine which site ranks higher are something that will never be revealed to us. A thing that has not changed, is link-building. This SEO method is effective, safe and rewarding. With the help of back-links you will basically help crawlers access your website faster. We recommend you to grow the number of links directing to your page by guest-blogging or writting free articles for different sites. Genuine content will not only look better in the eyes of the search engine, but it will also help you gain online credibility.


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 2. Social Media

Social Media is technically not SEO, but it has become an essential factor in getting your page noticed. If you don’t already know, we wil tell you that „popularity” has become a relevant parameter for search enngines. Although crawlers are smart, they can be tricked. Human readers, on the other hand, will probably only share content that is truly worth mentioning. Social media ranges from platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter to social bookmarking sites like Pinterest or StumbleUpon. If you are not writing only for money, it mans that relationships are important to you, so what better way to grow your business than by reaching out to like-minded people?

 3. Title Tags and Meta Tags

At the superior part of your web site’s source code you can find many tags like the description tag, the keyword tag, the title tag and the meta tag. Whenever you search something on a search engine, the results displayed contain the name of the site, or article, a short description, and bolded keywords which are relevant to your enquiry. This is why it is essential to include a few popular keywords in the title and meta description. Moreover, meta tags are the first things user read when they find your site, and it is what will probably determine them to visit it or not.


These are only three methods you can make use of if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about search engine optimization. Nevertheless, we urge you to read as much as you can, in order to fully understand the importance of this new internet marketing branch.


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