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The services offered by Google for bloggers

Google, the market giant in web search and as far as the best search engine in web has already offered several online platforms for the bloggers. Few of them are essential services to have for bloggers. Others also have a great value for you bloggers. My intention is to introduce you a few number of services which are really famous among all the bloggers.

Google internet services

1) Blogger

As all the people in blogging community knows this service, I don’t think I want to explain it too much. Simply the blogger is a service that allow all the bloggers to create and host their blogs for free. It provides sub domains for the bloggers and hosting space for them. 100% free service.

2) Keyword Tool

A wonderful tool which allow all the bloggers to search the keywords which are required to optimize a website or a blog for search engines. Again this is a 100% Free too. Any one can easily use this tool to grab their own keywords.

3) Google Analytics

According to my experience this is the world best analytic tools so far to analyse web traffic. This is a very advance platform but it is really easy to use. By using this tool you can check the traffic flow to your blog. And it analyse the visitors behaviour, where he is from, which language he is using, What are they searching for and lot more. Again 100% Free service.

4) Webmaster Tools

Another 100% Free service offered by Google. This allow you to submit your site map to Google. And it improves your listing on Google. This allow the Google bots to crawl your website on Google and bring lot more traffic to your website.

5) Google Adsense

Most popular and trusted PPC program on web. This allow you to earn through your blog. Simply you can earn money by subscribing to Google adsense and showing ads on your website. Again 100% Free service.

6) Google Feed Burner

Currently feed is an part and partial of blogging to notify your regular visitors on new events and offers. The Google Feedburner is one of the easiest way to notify your visitors about your new post. Again 100% Free service to have.

7) Picasa Web albums

Host your blog images for Free with Google Picasa web albums. You don’t need any different hosting site to host your images. The Picasa web albums allow you to host your images for 100% Free.

8) Google Docs

Need a online form or document? So the 100% Free and best online tool is Google Docs. It is easy to use and have advanced options to create, modify and store your documents safely.

9) Google Insight

Do you want to know the current interest of the people in world? Yes as a blogger you must know the hot topics in present. Otherwise your blog will become a dead one without any hot topics. Google insight is on of the best 100% free tool to analyse the current interests of the people.

10) Google Sites

Another platform to design blogs for bloggers. Not advanced as blogger. But a 100% Free service.

This is a short list of Google services. But they have wide variety of services for bloggers as well as the non bloggers who are interested in web surfing. You can find a complete list of Google services at www.googleinternetservices.com 


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