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Why Some Blogs get More traffic than Other Blogs

Why only a limited number of blogs get more traffic than the other blogs? Most people or the bloggers think getting traffic is rocket science. The way think is not the real truth. There are different reasons why some people get more visitors than the others.

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1) The Niche they use to create their blog

As an example new technology based blogs get more visitors because the needs of internet users are changing. Currently most of the youngsters are very curious on new technology specially on Smart phones, computers and gaming equipment than ever before. Therefore the niche related to technology and product reviews are getting more popular than the other stuff.

2) The way how they make curiosity in reader mind

The best example for this is the News websites and blog. They use different eye catching titles. Sometimes the content of the news is little bit deviated from the original topic. But yet they get more traffic because they are tricky enough to generate some curiosity in readers mind.

3) The presentation skills of the writer

The way of data presentation is vital for each and every blogger to maintain the interest of the reader until he/she went through the complete article. And it should be good enough to direct the reader in to some other article without leaving the blog. The presentation skills are always unique. Blogger should find their own way of data presentation method to bring their news to community.

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4) How fast they are to bring the news to community

This is very important point for all the bloggers specially for news blogs. If you are a news blogger you may know how important this is to maintain the regular visitors to your blog. You need to be the first one who is breaking the news to the community. If you can’t maintain that speed you will loose the race.

5) The way of optimization for search engines

Search engine optimization is not a new topic to any blogger, It is a very old topic but still considered as #1 topic in blogging.  The simple rationale behind this is to display your website/blog at the #1 place on the search engine result page (SERP) for the selected keywords. More search engine friendly blogs will get more traffic than the others.

6) The level of social engagement of the blogger

Search engines are always changing. Google is the largest search engine in this planet and it is always changing their technology. They use different strategies to bring the original content to the public. So they take place different actions to find the best content. One of the recently adopted method is to check the level of social engagement. The bloggers who are having better social engagements will get more traffic from Google.

The above mentioned are just some few reasons why some bloggers get more traffic than the others. Some people don’t mind about the real traffic. So they use different fake traffic generators or traffic exchange websites to make traffic to their blogs. But this is not a very good idea for a real blogger. A real blogger should make real traffic to sell their products and services.


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