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Looking to convert a video to DVD?

With numerous different ways to convert from one format to the other it has never been easier to revitalise those old videos, and consumers can choose between a DIY option and a professional option. The DIY option will require you to buy some equipment whereas the professional option is as simple as mailing a letter – the choice is yours.

If you would like a professional to handle the videos then it can work out cheaper, easier and most definitely safer, because there are can be some complications when it comes to converting to DVD. This could take longer but will save you the time and hassle of having to do it yourself.


In order to convert any video to DVD, a professional company will first meticulously check your videos, carefully checking the quality and condition. Depending on what the inspection reveals they will take any actions necessary to ready the video for conversion. Some videos are damaged and may be repaired, but these companies are incredibly competent in repairing damaged or brittle tapes. If they can repair the videos then they will continue with the conversion. If the damage is too severe, then they will be forced to stop and will inform you as such. With their expertise and superior equipment they can ensure you get the best possible DVD copy of your video, they can even add a variety of effects if you want them to, though it may come out looking like a cheap Hollywood blockbuster.


Most people find this preferable to trying to do the conversion themselves as it’s very easy to accidentally damage the tape to the extent that it can’t be repaired or salvaged. This can happen because of existing flaws and defects, which are aggravated and enlarged by the conversion process. There is something much worse that you may encounter which is a mould that eats away at the video tape and the subsequent damage can not be reversed nor can the recordings be recovered. A professional can easily detect the mould which may appear to be fine dust.


If despite this you want to try and do it yourself then you will first need to find a suitable converter. Most require some pre-existing equipment, like a video player that you may not have, so it is best to be aware. To avoid getting it wrong you should make sure you do sufficient research and find a product with good reviews and testimonials. This you will give you good idea as to the capabilities of the product. Once you have your converter simply follow the instructions to get your DVD, provided everything goes to plan. You may need to go out and buy some DVDs, or they may come with the converter.


So if you have some old videos lying around and have dreamt of reliving those cherished memories then why not realise that fantasy. Regardless of which method you choose, hopefully once the video has been processed you will have a great DVD version for your viewing pleasure. This will allow you to watch your old video on your TV or computer using nothing more than a standard DVD player. You could even convert it to Blu-Ray or MP4.


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