Hope you all know what Instagram is. Therefore I thought to share some tips for the people who are new to this social network. If you’re just starting out with Instagram, these five must-read tips will get you well on your way.


Make Your Instagram Account Private

Many newcomers are surprised (or even shocked) when they post a snapshot and receive a completely random “like” from a stranger. This unnerving experience will remind you that your Instagram snapshots are publicly accessible by default.

If you’d prefer less public attention when you’re learning the ropes, you can set your account to “private.” This restricts access to your snapshots to followers only. This is a great way to keep the whole world from watching your first Instagram posts.

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Setting your account to “private” will put all of your pictures behind a privacy wall. The only people allowed through will be those users who are already following you. More importantly, on a private account, you will have the opportunity to approve each new user who wants to follow you.

To get this done, tap the Profile button. You’ll find it in the bottom corner of Instagram’s main screen. After that, access your settings by tapping the gear icon (on Apple devices) or the series of three dots (on Android) at the top right corner of your screen. Simply flip the switch sitting next to the “Private Account” title.

Keep Random Users Out Of Your Following

Let’s say you didn’t get around to making your account private until you’ve already been active on Instagram for a few days (or weeks). Your account may have already attracted a few undesirable followers – total strangers or folks you’d simply prefer not to share photos with. Getting rid of them is easy:

You’ll start by hitting the Profile button in the bottom corner of your screen again. This time, tap “Followers” to see a list of individuals who are tracking your activity. Tap on any name that you want to remove from your following and then tap the three-dot button that appears in the upper corner of the screen. Select “Block User” from the list that appears.

After you’ve blocked a user, they will no longer be able to see your pictures. Don’t worry about offending anyone; users whom you block aren’t notified of your action.

“Liking” A Photo

Reviewing the latest and greatest pics from the people you follow is one of the most important parts of using Instagram. Your home feed will show you all of the newest snapshots that have been posted.

You can express your approval of especially great pics very easily by “liking” the photo. There are two ways to do it right from your feed. The straightforward way you probably already know is to tap the heart button underneath the picture. To like a photo faster, operate the way Instagram veterans do: double-tap the picture itself to like it. One good way to get people to like your images is to like their photos and this can be put on auto-pilot with a tool such as Vibbi.

Review All The Instagram Photos You’ve Liked

If you use that last tip, you can amass a whole host of great pictures that you love very quickly. It’s not hard at all to find yourself overwhelmed by the various pics that have struck a chord with you. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to check out all of the photos you’ve liked.

All of your liked Instagram photos are accessible through your profile screen. Just tap the Profile button. Then tap the gear button (on iOS) or the three-dot button (on Android) at the top of the screen. “Photos You’ve Liked” will show up in the menu that appears – just tap it.

Bonus: If you have second thoughts about a photo, you can “unlike” it by tapping the heart button again. Watch out, though; double-tapping a liked pic doesn’t unlike it for you.

Get A Photo Preview With Long-Pressing

When you open up the Search tab (accessible at the bottom of the main Instagram page), you’ll find yourself on the Explore page. This shows you dozens of different pictures that have been liked by friends, followers, or Instagram users in general.

Tapping a photo on the Explore screen will present you with a larger version and give you access to the “heart” button, a link to the user’s account, and your sharing options. You can preview a photo without loading it up by tapping it on the Explore page and holding it. This will bring up a larger preview; it will stay on your screen until you lift your finger.

You can perform all the normal Instagram actions (liking, sharing, visiting profiles) from this preview. If you’re using iOS, just push the preview up to lock it and show the action buttons. With Android devices, you’ll need to slide your finger down to access the options.

At Last

Hope this small list will help you to protect your Instagram account and enjoy it to the max.

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