When I started blogging in 2011, I didn’t know a lot of things. Therefore the first year of blogging was more of a learning period. I made a lot of mistakes, learned from them, made some more mistakes, learned more and so on. Though you learn life’s best lessons through your own mistakes but it shouldn’t always be that way. Today, I will help you learn through my mistakes because I don’t want you guys make the same mistakes which I did in my past. So, Lets just start.

1. Start Your Blog on WordPress

Earlier, everyone used to start their blog on Blogspot and if it worked out for them, they tend to move from blogspot to WordPress but now a days things are real fast. You don’t have that much time to wait till your blog starts driving traffic and then you will move on to a better platform. If you are going to start a blog, have a plan, proper execution and make sure you put best of your efforts because competition is tough these days. If you won’t project your blog in a better way, you won’t be able to mark your presence.

2. Choose Your Blog’s Name Wisely

I made this mistake of choosing a real tough name of my blog. It isn’t easy to pronounce and while writing people often make mistake. You shouldn’t do this. Choose an easy name, it should be easy on lips and as well as on paper and there’s no need to put the target keyword in the name of your blog because it is so 1998.

3. Have A Proper Scaling Plan

Though, It isn’t easy to drive traffic to a newly created blog but who knows? You can get lucky and your blog starts getting good amount of visitors within a couple of months so, be prepared for that.

Choose best hosting (I prefer Namecheap or iPage web hosting) , responsive theme from a trusted brand (Such as Theme Forest WordPress Themes), use proper plugins and don’t be a miser while buying tools or plugins because these things are important in today’s blogging scenario. If you starts receiving good traffic but your server isn’t good enough to handle that amount of traffic or your website’s design isn’t mobile friendly, it may cause irreversible loss to your website’s reputation. So, try to avoid it.

Apart from backend scaling, try to have a proper scaling plan for revenue as well. Don’t just stick with the likes of Adsense and try out creative ways of monetizing your content. Here‘s a resource that might help you find some really good ways to monetize your blog’s content. Having a deep monetization plan for a blog helps a lot in long run.

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4. Don’t Go Solo because It’s Slow

It’s to good hear from a problogger that his blog is a one man army. He handles everything on his own and earns a good amount of money out of it. But you shouldn’t try to do the same because in present internet scenario, it isn’t easy to survive and compete against big online brands who has a lot of money and a very big team to compete with small players. So, if you want to take your blog to the next level, try to get as many talented people in your team as possible. And yes, working alone sucks!

5. Social Media > SEO

Now, many of you will think that I am drunk and I should go home but wait till I explain. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is great, we know exactly what to do to make our content rank better in search results but it is a real slow process. Though I agree to the fact that you must continue SEO practices but don’t ignore Social Media. Most blogger don’t like to spend on social media because they think that social media traffic is just one time, it won’t last and they won’t be able to recover their money but that’s not true. If you promote your content on social media, chances are high that your content gets noticed by people who might want to mention it in their next blog post or they might become the regular reader of your blog by seeing that one single piece of content. There are endless possibilities but you’ve got to give your content a chance of exposure that it needs.

So, these were some of my learning. In case you have any doubt regarding anything mentioned above, feel free to ask in comments below the post. Please remember we won’t publish SPAM comments.