Some may think this is very basics of online marketing. Yes, that is true. But as we studied, there are thousands of new comers to the web per month who are still looking to make money online. These basics will help for those new comers. For understanding purposes we elaborate it more in this post.

who are advertisers

Who are know as advertisers

Let’s see some definitions of the term advertiser. According to the business directory definition, advertiser is a person, organization or company that places advertisements in order to target customer. Simply any person or any company who place ads to attract more customers to their business are known as advertisers.

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Who are know as advertisers in affiliate marketing?

According to the webopedia, in affiliate programs, the advertiser is the Web site owner or merchant who pays affiliates for sending traffic to their site to purchase or generate leads. Also called merchant. Well, may be little bit complex for a newbie. Let me simplify it. Just say you want to bring more customers to your website. Then you will ask me to place your advertising banner on my blog since I have good traffic. For placing that banner on my blog, I’ll charge some money for a specified period. Let’s say I’ll charge $50 for an advertising banner to place on my blog for 1 month. Then you have to pay that $50 to me. In this case you have became the advertiser and I became the publisher. Hope now it is clear to you.

What are known as intermediary bodies?

Now you know about the advertisers well. Let’s see who are these intermediary bodies in affiliate marketing or in PPC advertising. As we know there are lot of companies supports advertisers to find publishers. Google, BidVertiser, Fiverr, Propeller and lot more companies play this role. They fill the gap between the advertiser and the publisher by making a bridge (online platform). These companies are known as intermediary bodies.

What is the role of an advertiser in online marketing?

Advertisers are the source of money for publishers. Make money online programs allow publishers to publish the ads of advertisers, hence advertisers pay publishers for publishing ads. This is how you make money online by displaying advertising banners or links on your blog. Some advertisers are paying thousands, even millions of dollars per year for their advertising campaigns.

What you should know before you become an advertiser

Being a advertiser is an easy task, but being an successful advertiser is not an easy task. If you have  enough money to spend, you can just through it away for advertising. But you won’t get any profit just by spending some money. You need to focus on your goals, objectives and design your campaigns according to the strategies you have. In short you need to achieve the purpose of advertising. Just think you are a affiliate marketer of a reputed hosting company such as HostGator. Now you want to sell some hosing plans to some clients and make money online. For this you thought to advertise on some blogs about that hosting plan. Just think now you select some blogs where you are going to place your banner ad. At this point you need to know which type (niche) of blogs you are going to use. Will it be effective on displaying your ad on “Cooking recipe” blog? Obviously No. It is utter waste of time and wasting your money. Therefore you need to plan your strategy well before you jumped in to business. This is the most important single fact you need to consider prior to being an advertiser.

Apart from that you need to plan your budget, evaluate your progress and revise your strategy time to time before you spend your hard earned money as an advertiser.


As a summary, an advertiser is a person or a company who is willing to pay for publishers in order to publish advertisements regarding the business of the advertiser. It is easy to be a advertiser but difficult to be a successful advertiser unless you have a better advertising strategy.

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