The blogging world which is interconnected with social media is a highly competitive market, and while it might seem like SEO is the key to a highly visited blog, search engines aren’t the only ones browsing the Internet. Here are some social media tips that will help you build your brand and your following.


#1. Smart, engaging and relevant content.

Search engines are tools that guide people toward your blog because your keywords indicate that it contains relevant information. When the user reaches your site, he or she will promptly realize whether the blog actually contains the desired content. If it doesn’t, the user isn’t going to come back.

The search engine can put the readers in your path, but if your content doesn’t hook them, you’re no closer to building a following.


#2. Regularly updated and well-organized content.

Get on a schedule and do it quickly! If content on your page grows stagnant or outdated, your return visitors will stop coming back. Google and other search engines also consider how recent the content is when ranking the page. The goal is to create something people will consider reliable.

If the user cannot easily search or browse your content, you will absolutely need to execute a redesign to reorganize your archives.

Note: It is much easier for users to browse past articles based on content than on dates. Thus, organizing your archives based on subject, as opposed to months and years, will help readers find what they are looking for.


#3. A style and voice that brands your media

The graphics, colors and photos used on your site are important, but finding your niche as a blogger is even more important. As long as your site looks clean and modern, you don’t need a huge revamp. (To find inspiration for blog updates, do a quick Google search for “best blog designs”.)

Perhaps the most important aspect of building your brand is determining what you can offer readers. What is unique and interesting about your blog? What are your commitments?

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It may help to write a mission statement or a list of descriptors that define your blog. This list is just for you, so dream big! Even if you can’t live up to all of your own expectations yet, just having those descriptors there will guide you in evolving your blog’s style, voice and content.


#4. A voice that speaks to your key audience on Social Media

As a full-time blogger in the education realm, I have one of the toughest audiences to pin down: college students. Their tastes are constantly evolving and responding to popular culture and current events, and it takes research for me to tune in to their world.

Take a time-out to do some research and find out more about the hot topics in your field. Even a quick blog post with commentary on a current event can make for a solid, engaging piece.


#5. A social media presence

Now that you have the content, design and voice that will spark a conversation; use social media such as Facebook to fan the flames. After you create a Facebook Fan Page, post something at least once a day. Keep your social media alive with fresh and unique content.


#6. How Facebook helps as a Social Media

Posting at least once a day with new face. Some ideas for Facebook Content;

• New Posts

• Archived posts that are still relevant

• Original photos that promote your brand

• Articles from other sources that relate to your blog’s subject matter

• Questions about hot topics in your community

You want to help browsers connect to Facebook because a Share or a Like will connect your blog to that person’s news feed, and hopefully his network of friends. To optimize the traffic of your site, you need to make the path between your Facebook and your blog a two-way street.

To do this, add a like box to your site, as well as a share button.

One of the great things about Facebook timeline is the easy access to data surrounding your page. You can view the amount of feedback you get from each post, as well as the demographics associated with it. The number of “likes” your page has may not represent the number of people who are actually engaging with your page.


Remember to reply to comments on your page. This is a great way to connect with readers. If you choose to respond to negative comments, do so politely, thanking them for their feedback. Do not engage in a confrontation. One of our friend who is writing on Apmex Reviews has got Google PR 2 by just applying these rules to their blog. So use social media effectively and efficiently to get the maximum out of it.