Do you know about OnlyWire? If not this is the time to know about automated social media submit engines. I am 100% sure this article will really be helpful for all the bloggers in driving social traffic to your website or blog. Let me explain in simple language.

What is Social Media Submit Engine?

Imagine that we have a blog or a website with very useful content. But people may not know we have such a great content unless Google index our page on their search engine. In that case we can share the content on most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Friend Feed, Diigo and etc. Sharing on these will social network brings us more visitors as direct referrals. At the same time according to the latest updates of Google algorithm, Google likes websites with more social engagements. Therefore now it is a part and partial of blogging.

But imagine how difficult is it to share your link on each and every social network. I felt it until I found Social Media Submit Engines. They submit my link in to all the social networks I joined. What I did is simple, I just made profiles on the social networks. Then add some friends on those networks and submit my link on all the social networks at once. So it is really easy for me to submit my new articles on all those social networks.

What are the best Social Submit Search Engines?

I came across several websites which provides this service. But the best one I found is WeOnTech. The next one is OnlyWire. The first disadvantage of OnlyWire is, it is too expensive then the WeOnTech. But OnlyWire has the ability to  submit your link on more social networks than the WeOnTech.

Earlier OnlyWire had a feature called bulk distribution which is essential to submit the link on to all the social networks at once without any involvement sender. But recently they have removed that feature. So it is really hard to submit one by one through OnlyWire. This is the major reason why I went off from OnlyWire. The alternative I found is great. This is how it works…

Day 1: Manual register to all of the social networks and web 2.0 properties. Please remember to put some profiles information and verify email verification links.

Day 2: Submit a quality perfectly spin bookmark/article without a link in the article content.

Day 3: Start submitting your quality perfectly spin article with links and don’t use more than 3 links per article.

It is simple, isn’t it? It is important to mention that they have over 20 networks at the moment. Check their pricing plan below.


That’s it. Finally I want to say this is the best alternative I found so far for OnlyWire. And it is worth to spend some money for this WeOnTech service since it can make a real difference of your visitor flow. Sometimes you may came across some other platforms similar or better than this. If you have any please share those with our readers as a comment below. Please don’t spend your time to write SPAM comments.