As one of the most famous PPC advertising program, Google adsense is still recruiting more and more publishers to their network. Even though Google adsense has a huge publisher base it never stopped recruiting new blog owners to their network. Because it has a increasing Advertiser base. None of the PPC programs can compete with this huge network since it has a attractive payment system. Almost all the internet users know about the Google products including Google adsense. Among those products Google keyword tool, Google adwords and Google webmaster tools have a greater value for all the website owners and the bloggers.

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Still most people struggling to earn their first coin because they do not posses the knowledge to select a proper monetizing program for their website or blog. With that in mind I thought to write about Google adsense with its pros and cons. Hope that will help them to select a better PPC program for their sites.

About Google Adsense

As I mentioned in my first para Google has numerous products for web masters. One of the most popular products is Google adsense. Obviously ownership of this program belongs to Google. Google is one of the most trusted program on web. Thus you don’t need to worry about the payments.

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Google Adsense legit or Scam?

Most of you may laugh at me when I ask this question. But remember most of new comers to blogging may not knowing this fact. That is why I brought it in. The answer for the question is Google adsense is 100% legit and not a scam at all. I am using it and earning and getting checks timely. No need to bother about it anymore.

How Google adsense works?

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, this is a meeting platform for Advertisers and Publishers. It is more or less similar to the BidVertizer and Propeller PPC programs. Google works as a mediator for advertisers and the publishers. It takes ads from advertisers (through Google Adwords) and publish on websites of publishers. Website owners work as publishers.

How quick you can earn from Google Adsense?

Most of the new bloggers are asking this question from the day they start their blogs. They want to get rich quick by making money from home. The answer is non of the online money making networks ready to just throw their money towards you. You need to improve your blog first. Then you need to get descent traffic from social media marketing and organic search engine optimizing.  Thereafter you need to monetize your blog with a PPC network. Now you are ready to earn from your website. This may take 3-6 months depending on the strategies you adopt to attract readers. Therefore you need to be very patient until you get a good content and a descent traffic.

Shall I get the approval easy?

Obviously no. You need high quality, unique and original content to sign up with Google adsense. This is called optimizing your blog for adsense. Once you optimize your blog for adsense, manual review of your application will decide the eligibility to sign up with this PPC network.

Why most bloggers are trying to make money with adsense?

If you asked from high ranked blog owner “what is the best paying PPC network on web?”, the simple answer is Google Adsense. That is the simple reason all the new comers are going behind this network to make money from home. But some are well aware of other PPC networks which pays well. But non of those can compete with adsense.

What ad formats they have?

It offers banner ads, text ads and search bar ads. Banner ads and text ads are varied in size from skyscraper (728x90px) to  large vertical (300x600px) banners. Apart from that it offers small rectangle, medium rectangle and large rectangle advertising banners. It offers mobile ad units as well. There are many third party WordPress plugins to install advertising units on WordPress sites. Therefore it is very easy to work with the ads they provide.

Pros and Cons

As plus points;

    • Free to use since it is a free sign up program. What you need is a good spam free website to publish ads.
    • Lot of customized sizes of ads available.
    • Duly payments.
    • Payments per click is bit high when comparing with other PPC networks.
    • Ad placement is easy with third party apps.
    • Have several payment options to choose.

As negative points;

    • Very difficult sign up process. Therefore most of the applications are rejected. Some people looks for alternatives to adsense due to difficulty in signing up.
    • No pop under ads to make online money quicker as Propeller.
    • No Paypal support.

Payment methods

As I metioned above adsense has a variety of payment methods to choose. Among that following methods are more popular. Minimum payment is $100. You can check the minimum payment according to the currency you used here

    • Checks
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
    • Wire Transfer
    • Western Union Quick Cash.

As a summary Google adsense is the best answer to the question “how to earn money online with PPC programs”. It provides the best quality ads with a high CPC. Therefore it is useful for both the high traffic and low traffic websites to make money online.
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