Again I am going to share one of the best online selling platform on web which will allow you to make money from home. Namely it is Fiverr. As the name suggest the platform of Fiverr allows you to make money from home by selling products and services starting for $5. In this platform you are not limited to sell digital products but also to sell physical products. Currently they have a very wide customer base world wide.

make money from home: Fiverr pros and cons review full

About Fiverr

Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2009. This is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Initially it stared as a market place for small services. Gradually the customer base increased with acquisition of more and more sellers as well as buyers. With that they changed there strategy to provide a market place for creative and professional services.

Fiverr Is it Legit or Scam?

As usual we are starting with the question of legitimacy. Because it is vital to know whether a particular program is legit or not  before you are going to sign up with such programs to make money from home. Otherwise no one can help you once you get in to a big trouble. There is a saying called “Look before you leap“. However Fiverr is 100% real and legit online selling platform. I personally used it to make some extra money at home and withdraw money to my both Paypal and Payoneer accounts. Therefore you can trust Fiverr without any hesitation.

How Fiverr Works?

As I earlier mentioned Fiverr is a online selling platform similar to the BuySellAds. But it entirely different from BuySellAds because Fiverr doesn’t focus on selling advertising spaces. Its main focus is to sell digital products and services. Specially graphic designing services along with SEO services. But it has thousands of other services to offer from individual sellers from all over the world. Most service providers are individual home based business owners.

In Fiverr buyers can meet sellers. Sellers offer their services by adding their services on Fiverr platform by creating a gig. The sellers show the estimated time for the project on Fiverr. Buyers will search what they need in Fiverr platform and place the order. Once seller deliver the product buyer has the full rights to accept that product or reject it and request modifications. Once buyer accept the product, he will rate the service he had. Depend on the reviews a seller has, buyers will order more and more from that particular sellers. Negative reviews will reduce the orders of a seller. Therefore almost all the sellers who want to make money from home are trying to provide the highest quality products within very limited time period.

Pros and Cons

As plus points:

    • Very user friendly platform for both freelancers (sellers) and customers (buyers) is the most probable cause for people to sign up with Fiverr. Easy visual platform with minimum of unnecessary stuff make it simple and very convenient even for a very beginner.
    • Very easy sign up process. You just need to create an account on Fiverr and then you can start selling. It won’t take days to approve you. Quick money.
    • Huge seller base. Therefore the buyers have a big inventory to select the exact seller he wants for his job.
    • Huge buyer base. Therefore quality sellers can easily earn by selling their products.
    • Easy payment methods and withdrawal methods.
    • Having on and off promotions specially beneficial for buyers.

As negative points:

    • Each $5 you earn they will charge $1 fee. Therefore you get only $4 per each $5 you earn. Simply 20% of commission.
    • Customer care sometimes takes days to answer your questions. No online chat available.

How much you can earn from Fiverr?

It depends on your ability and the quality of the service you provide. Therefore it will varied from few $ to $4000-$8000 per month. I personally know people who are earning over $2000 per month. Some people already opened business ventures based on Fiverr orders.

Payment and withdrawal methods

Even though I write about this at last this is one of the most important fact for buyers and sellers. Because what is the point of making money if you can’t withdraw it? Don’t worry Fiverr is accepting major online transaction methods such as Paypal and Payoneer. As we all know those two are the world best and secured online transaction methods which are widely used over 200 countries. Therefore no need to worry about withdrawal. I usually used Payoneer to withdraw because it is very easy to use and have additional benefits for me as a blogger.

    • Paypal = Minimum payout is $1. Withdraw fee is 2% of the sum withdrawal amount , up to $1.
    • Payoneer (Fiverr Revenue Card) = Minimum withdrawal is $20. Fee to withdraw is $1.
    • Bank transfer = Minimum withdrawal is $50. Fee of withdrawal is $3.

As a summary we should ask “Is it worth trying Fiverr”? The answer is “YES… YES… YES…”. Obviously it is worth trying Fiverr because definitely you can find a better seller to get your project done and for sellers you can definitely earn some good money. Just search in any search engine the term “Fiverr” and you will see the first result with link to Fiverr.

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