Lets start with a new topic of PPC advertising, that is Propellerads. Google Adsense is the world largest advertising network having millions of advertisers and publishers. But it doesn’t mean it is the highest paying or best advertising network on web. There are many more. Propeller Ads is one such program.

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About PropellerAds

PropellerAds company was founded in 2011. The primary focus of the company was to bridge the gap between the advertisers and the publishers. With that intention PropellerAds designed multi-channel advertising system to display on publisher websites.

PropellerAds: Is it legit or scam?

As usual this is the first question to ask. If this is a scam, then no point in running forward with this advertising program. But I am happy to tell you that this program is 100% legit. There are thousands of payment proof to ensure the program is legit. Now we can move forwards.

Difference between Google adsense & PropellerAds

Google adsense is a Cost Per Click (CPC) program and the propeller is a Cost Per Mille (CPM). What the hell is that? Well, let me explain it. Google adsense is mainly pay for a click. That means you get some commission as soon as your reader clicked on your ads. But the PropellerAds are different. They pay both the clicks plus impressions. Impression means number of ad views. If your reader load your webpage for 100 times you will get 100 impressions. Just imagine that they mentioned the CPM for a particular ad is $2. That means they pay $2 for 1000 page views. I think now it is clear, right?

Benefit over Google Adsense

Google adsense earnings are unpredictable. Last few years adsense paid very less compared to the previous years. And it has sudden hikes and lows. Therefore you never be able to predict your monthly income. But Propeller is much more better than Google adsense. They paid well for the publishers and it is predictable than Google adsense.

Google adsense paying for the clicks and PropellerAds paying for impressions and clicks. Therefore low traffic websites can earn more with propellerAds than adsense.

What ad formats PropellerAds offers?

The company offers variety of ad formats. Therefore the advertisers can easily select what they need. At the publishers have wide range of choice to select. Propeller supports following ad formats.

    • OnClick PopUnder ads (Most effective ad unit. CPM up to $10)
    • Mobile ads
    • Classic banner ads (size of 300×250, 728×90, 468×60, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440, and 320×50)
    • Layer ads (Load banner ads over the website content. Larger the better)
    • Slider ads (locate at the bottom of the website without moving even the user scrolled the website)
    • Direct ads (Direct links that you can use to create banners.
    • Video ads (Can monetize your videos with these ads)

Pros and Cons

As plus points;

    • Super easy to get start. Just signing up and adding your website is all what you need.
    • Accept all websites irrespective of traffic they have.
    • Share 80% of ad revenue with publishers.
    • Supports variety of payment methods.
    • Referral program allow you to earn 5% from the person you refer. This is for lifetime.
    • Great list of ad formats to select.
    • You can use adsense, infolink (PPC ads) and CJ, click bank (affiliate programs) along with PropellerAds.
    • Supports through email and skype.

As negative points;

    • Annoying ads for your reader (PopUnder ads, push ads and etc.
    • Do not support paypal
    • Minimum payout is $100
    • Need high quality traffic from US, UK and Canada to have a high CPM.

Payment methods

As I mentioned Propeller offers variety of payment methods for publishers including Bank Wire, Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, ePayments, EPESE and Webmoney. Unfortunately they do not offer paypal as a payment method. Therefore the minimum payout is $100. For wire transfer it is $500.

As a summary PropellerAds is absolutely a great program when you are rejected to join with Google adsense. And it is more effective for high quality traffic rather than low quality traffic. Therefore it can be considered as a good alternative for adsense. Therefore it is a good choice to join with Propeller today than later.

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