Today more and more people are talking of social media engagement and its relationship to personal income. What the hell is this social media engagement and bla bla? I thought it is better to elaborate this statement in this post. Because some people are distributing wrong ideas and myths on social media engagement and how to market your blog with social media. Lets go on.

Social media engagement make money online

What is a Social Media

Almost all the internet users know this term by now. But the sake of completion I’ll describe it to you in very simple language. Social media is a place where you can share your own ideas and your products and collect the thoughts of the others regarding the shared thoughts. This is the very simple idea.

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What is social media engagement

Now you all know what is meant by social media. Let see what the hell of social media engagement. Engaging or involve in social media is simply called as social media engagement. Simple, isn’t it.

What are the commonly used social media networks

Since recent past social media networks became very famous among all the internet users. With that social movement large as well as small business owners saw a great opportunity to sell their products to the public by making their existence on social media. The most widely used social media was the Facebook, Google plus, YouTube and Twitter. Apart from those networks a few networks like instagram and Pinterest became more famous than the other networks. Facebook, Google plus and YouTube became very popular due to their high creativity and user friendly platforms. However YouTube had additional advantage of sharing videos to the public.

How social media engagement affects your blog income

Well now we are at the peak of this post. This is what you are exactly looking for. Therefore i thought to present this to you in a very palatable way. Hope it will make it easy to digest.

Make money online is a very common search term on major search engines since recent past. Therefore it is a timely need to talk a bit more on social media engagement and its income. As far as I know there are two main ways of increasing your blog income by social media engagement. One way is by bringing more direct traffic and converting those leads in to sales. Other way is by ranking your website high on SERP. Imaging that you are maintaining a blog for online money making ways just as I. Now you need to generate some income from your blog. Just think who is going to pay you? Simply you may have to provide some useful service to get some sponsors for your blog. If you don’t have a useful content and descent number of visitors, who would like to sponsor your blog? Obliviously no one except some psycho person who have too much money to waste. Am i right? Now you feel that you need descent number of visitors to your blog. Here come the social media. As I mentioned above social media can bring thousand of visitors through direct and indirect traffic to your blog. What you need is just few hours per day to make contact with the other members of social network.

Why most people fail in social media marketing

This is the next most important topic. As we all know a lot of advertisers involve in social media marketing every day. But very few (countable number) are getting the desired effects out of social media marketing. There are several reasons that make their effort worthless. One of the major reason is they are not having a proper strategy with focused target group. They do marketing for sake of doing it. This will not going to make results. You need to set you objectives first. Thereafter you need to select the target group to whom you are going to promote your products or services. Then you should have a well designed short term and long term strategy. According to your strategy you need to start your social media marketing campaign. You need to monitor your strategy continuously and should take necessary actions to improve it. That is the way of doing social media marketing.

At the sometime you need to be available on social media. Simple you need to engage in social media to answer the questions of your customers. You need to consider all your customers are very important for you and all are equal. Never let even one customer to make any negative impression on you. Because it will affect your business a lot.


So hope you had some idea of social media engagement by going through my post. Well, now design your social media campaigns carefully and engage in social media in a productive way until you get your desired results. Monitor it continuously. Good luck.

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