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Different remote graphic design jobs – Freelance designer Christina reveals

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12 remote graphic design jobs for designers who are joining into graphic design field – expert graphic designer Christina revealed with us. She mentioned these ideas to us during the discussion of her success in Fiverr as a freelance graphic designer since 2012. She has almost 100% feedback in over 5000 completed projects on Fiverr.

Techblaster would like to explain what she mentioned in her speech on remote graphic design jobs in her own words without losing the taste of her ideas. This is how she explained on remote jobs for graphic designers.

You might remember how I started my online graphic design career which I told you few days back. Now it is the time to tell you why some people won’t get much sales in graphic designing field. But before that I will tell you how I diversify my services in Fiverr with different services.

You can provide all the services as remote services because all the services are digital in nature. Doing such a job is very free since you can do it as a part time job.

Thinking in a different angle will make it easy for remote graphic designers

There are lots of similar services in Fiverr and other freelance market places. Most sellers are copying gigs or services of the others. Remember, you can copy but you can’t go beyond the original. Therefore you need to think differently. Think differently on more remote services in same graphic design field. That is the competitive advantage you need in success of your business.

As a freelance graphic designer I thought laterally. I saw all the seller in Fiverr were designing logo. Therefore I select something different. That is social media covers.

But today I have seen lots of social media header designers, therefore you need to think differently. You must find something less common. You might know some regional social media services which are not popular yet. Then only you can cater your service for such platforms. But majority of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube are addressed.

12 different remote graphic design jobs I would suggest for Freelance graphic designers

Some are common but still effective. I will start from less common once to common ones in a Freelance market place.

1. Printed carpet designing

I have seen very limited number of sellers designing carpets. Do you think on one cares on carpets? No, I am pretty sure there are companies searching for carpet designers. If some good US company hired your service, it will be enough for few years.

2) Bag and back pack designing

Well another less popular field, but lots of companies are waiting to hire you. Because bags and back packs are widely used all though out the world. So you can provide your creative graphic idea to customize there back pack with suitable graphics.

3) Footwear designing

You can introduce new concepts in shoes and heals designing for both ladies and gens footwear. This is kind of concept designing. I might step in to this field sooner since social media is having millions of sellers now.

You can even design different patterns for the shoes currently available in factories.

4) Car wrap designing

There are less amount of sellers are in car wrap sticker designing. But it is rising at the moment. I have seen lots of low quality sellers are in this sector. Therefore if you have a real capacity in designing, you will win the game.

5) Package designing

I have seen considerable amount of remote graphic design jobs are available in this field because it has high demand.

Just take a look at your graphic card box. It has nice images and text (Specifications). Or just have a look at your mobile phone box. Similar right? Everything comes in a box. Those boxes needed graphics to make those attractive. You are the designer needed for such creativity. Be the designer.

6) Tattoo designing

Another good field where it less addressed. You can try on designing tattoos for clients. Some people likes in custom made tattoos to be unique.

7) Infographic and resume designing

I have seen lots of buyers looking to design infographic to display their company protocols. But designing great infographic will take some time. Otherwise it is not a very difficult job. Charge your time maintaining the quality.

8) Vector tracing

Creating a clear image from a blurred and pixelated image with capacity in enlarging and export in ai an eps vector files is quite challenging. It is time consuming unless you use online automated vector tracing program. But remember those online programs are not in real high quality what buyers are expecting.

Don’t loose your dignity by sending cheap products. Even though you are doing remote graphic designing jobs and your are not visible, don’t do cheap work. Give the value of the money your buyer spend.

9) Flyer, brochure, and visiting card designs

Yes, there are lots of sellers on these products. But depending on your quality and and marketing strategy still you can have a chance to be listed high in these categories.

10) Banners, cut outs and poster designs

Even though there are high number of sellers in this category, these are millions of buyers to by products. If you are lucky enough you can have some sales.

11) Social media covers

Select some regionally or country specific social medias and design covers and ads for such social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are highly competitive in market.

12) Logo designing

As I said earlier, there are millions of logo designers on Fiverr and other freelance platforms including Upwok, Freeelancer and etc. Therefore it is not that easy to take an opportunity in this category. But if your talents are high don’t just skip. Give it a try, we don’t know which remote graphic design jobs suit you.

That’s all what I have to say when it comes to different types graphic designing jobs you can consider in stepping in to this field.

This is how Christina ends her small lecture. Isn’t it a lecture? It is almost a lecture for me. Anyway, I think you might learn something from her speech. Just try it out in market places and let us know your progress.

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