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Graphic design is my passion – Christina123 said with Techblaster. She is one of the best sellers on Fiverr since 2012 and has made over $1000 in every month on Fiverr. Let us tell you what she told us in her own words.

Hi, I am Christina. I joined Fiverr in 2012 as a newbie. At the beginning I know nothing. Just like Jon Snow in Game of throne movie series. So how can I tell you where I started and how I started?

My friends, I think you know about the Fiverr. It is a market place mainly designed for digital products. If you have no idea of Fiverr, just visit it and have a look. There are thousands of sellers and buyers providing and taking services daily.

How did I find my passion on web ?

I joined it in June 2012. One of my daughter’s friend told me that there is a great emerging platform for you to work at home. Because she knew Graphic designing is my passion. But I didn’t care because she said most of the teenagers are working on it. I thought it was just another scam.

But later one day my daughter was reading an article named “How to make money fast as a teen”. I looked in to it and the name Fiverr was mentioned on it too. On that day I thought to check this wired platform.

How I start my graphic design passion on Fiverr?

Here I am going to start my graphic design career path. It was just like a dream for me now. I had lots of experience in local business but never had any experience in online business.

I went through the different services offered by others to get some idea on how to start it. Important to say, those days the platform is very simple and the services are very limited. Those are just listed down just like in a classic blog style.

How I started my graphic design career path?

I noticed there were lots of gigs on remote graphic design jobs. One most popular topic was logo designing. All were just $5. No services offered more than $5 as today it has. I think that is why it got the name Fiverr (Five+rr). No gig extra services those days. If you want to offer some extra service, the buyer has to order a different gig. Same for the paying tips for seller.

I selected my service. Started with a new gig “Logo design”. You can still see the gig in my profile. Those days there were nothing called ranking the gig. There might be such mechanism but it was not so advanced like today. Therefore no optimization was required.

Anyway, I thought I must promote my gig on social media. It is not a Fiverr idea, it is my own idea. I shared my gig on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Happy to say I got my first order within 24 hours after creating my gig. I was filled with joy. Such an unexpected event.

I design my first online logo and delivered it within 12 hours. It was amazingly approved by the customer. As I remember his user name is Mcdowell. I was delighted with the review he placed on my account. Still I am thankful to him because base of my success is his review.

Diversifying the business to for making extra income

With time I noticed that most of the sellers are starting to design logos. Therefore I thought it is time to diversify my business. During that period I noticed Facebook is adding a new feature called Facebook cover photo. I took a decision to start a new gig on designing custom Facebook cover banners for my clients. With that it increase my revenue almost in 35-40%.

Thereafter I started other services such as flyer, banner, business cards, other social media covers and etc. Every gig gave me more money.

Where did I fail during my Fiverr career?

Failing is always a part of the success. When you fail, you will learn it will not work. There were two times where I failed in my career. Even though I told you the graphic design is my passion, I failed twice. It is not because of a quality issue.

The first time I failed to continue my service from 20.05.2013 to 19.05.2014 (1 year) because of my illness. So I kept is as a freeze account by pausing all my gigs for a year. Very sad to say, I lost my Top Rated Seller batch at the end of this period. I lost lots of regular clients. So my first advice don’t pause or freeze your services.

The second period was in March 2017. I had a foreign tour in this year march and I had to give my account for someone else to manage. My bad luck, the fellow couldn’t kept the quality of the products as I did. Few bad designs and reviews ruined my account for sometimes. So my second advice, don’t allocate your work to somebody else unless you can guarantee the quality.

Where am I now in my Fiverr career?

Currently I have made over $61,000 on Fiverr with almost 100% positive feedback from almost 5000 customer data base. Isn’t it amazing as a part time job? Oh… I just forgot, I have over 2000 reviews on my Facebook cover gig thanks to my customers.

Graphic design is my passion

So this is my career on Fiverr. As a part time professional graphic designer isn’t it great? I said graphic design is my passion at the very beginning. currently I am proving that statement by continuing my services world wide.

I hope you have learn something from my experience. If so, don’t give up. There are peaks and lows in every career. Face it and learn to handle it.

That’s how Christina ended her success story in Fiverr with Techblaster. So as we understood Fiverr is a wonderful market place to sell your digita products and services. Try it and share your experience with us.

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