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Hex color code generators – Top 5 for graphic and web designers


Have you heard of Hex color codes? What are these color codes and color code chart? A color code is an alphanumeric representation of a color, which can be easily understood to a computer. Visual representation of those color codes with the respective color is known as color code chart.

There are different types of color codes on the web as well as in printing. Hex color codes, RGB color codes, CMYK color codes, and PMS color codes are the most commonly used color code in web and printing.

Hex color codes and RGB color codes are commonly used in the on-screen display. Similarly, the CMYK and PMS systems are used in printing. Nowadays colors are using to change the external appearance of a website or a specific plugin in platforms like WordPress (Eg: Changing the contact form appearance of your comment form 7 plugin).

Successful Graphic designers and web designers are using these color code systems on their graphic designs and web coding respectively. The hex color codes are the most widely used color coding systems for online displaying of banners, headers, logos and etc.

In this post, I will show you a few hex code generators which you can use online without downloading. Select the color from the color palette and get the hex code or match your color with other colors by using these hex code generators.

Adobe hex code generator and color matching tool

Well, this is the official color code generator and color matching tool developed by Adobe.

Adobe hex code generator

This Adobe hex color code generator is having the ability to select matching colors based on the color you select. And it allows you to extract color codes from an image.

You can use the color wheel and select the color you need. Then you can copy the hex color code for that particular color you selected. This hex color code generator shows other related color hex codes along with the color you selected. Most of the graphic designers are using this tool nowadays. Because it is coming from the official Adobe web site and the colors of this hex code generator are considered more precise.

Palette Generator

This Palette Generator designed to extract colors from an image you have. You can upload your image into this tool. It will separate the colors of your image. Then it will give you the exact hex codes of each color.

Palatte generator for hex color code generators

By using the slider at the bottom of the tool you can change the colors slightly. And you can increase and decrease the number of dominant colors in that particular image.

Perbang hex color code generator

Another wonderful color code generator for all the web and graphic designers. This Perbang color generator provides multiple options to select colors.

New hex code generator

First, you can select a color from the color wheel and then you can see the matching colors below that particular color. I highly recommend this tool for graphic designers. Therefore you better check it by yourself.

Big Huge Labs color codes

Big Huge Labs is the designer of this multi-functioning tool. You can use this tool to extract the color codes from images.

Big huge labs color code hex

This tool will allow you to add different sources as your image source. This can add your Flickr, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox as your image source. And you can upload any image from your computer too. So far I haven’t seen this option in most of the color generator tools.

Colors on the web color code generator

At last but not least this is another great color code generator for everyone who needs and worked on colors.

colors on the web hex

Colors on the web color code generator let you select the first color. It is based on a color palette. Then you can press the button “Calculate” to show the matching colors. Those are nicely matched with your selected color. Therefore this is a nice and easy to use tool. At last, you can select the hex code to any particular color.

The final words on Hex code generators

Selecting colors is essential for a web or graphic designer. But remember you don’t need to do it yourself all the time. Therefore you can use such third party program to do it easily for free.

There are thousands of color code generators on the web. People are using different hex color code generators as their preference. The above 5 tools are the most commonly used hex code generators on the web. Most importantly all the above-mentioned apps are Free to use.

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