How to Make Money Fast as a Teen

How to Make Money Fast as a Teen – World proven methods

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Today lots of teenagers earn four or five figure income just by involving in online work. If you couldn’t get such an income per month, this article is for you. I am writing this to tell you how to make money fast as a teen. These are the world proven ways in earning online. Actually there are thousands of programs but I assure you most of those are failed.

I have seen lots of teenagers asking the same question of “what’s the best way to make money online as a teen?”. Frankly, there is nothing called a “best way”, but there are “best ways” to make money fast as a teen. Did you understand what I just told? If not, just forget it and read on, you will understand it while moving forward.

You need the real ways to make money from home rather than the hundreds of ways that gave you a few cents per month, am I right?

There are best ways not a single way

Depending on your character and social involvement, the earning method will be changed widely. A successful method for person “A” might be a completely failed method for person “B”. Therefore if you know the ways of using such methods, there are lots of opportunities for you to become successful.

Is this only for TEENS to make money fast?

Yes, a good question. The answer is “ANYONE” can earn money by staying at your own house, even an old mom can stay at home and make money. What you only need is a successful strategy.

Let’s gets into the real topic of proven 5 best ways to make extra money from home.

What’re the proven best ways of how to make money fast as a teen

As I said I have experimented over 20-30 methods of making money, but the following are the real ways to make money from home. Therefore I will share those 5 methods by ignoring the rest. I have seen some blogs share over 50 ways for teenagers to generate online income. But I don’t want to comment on that.

1. Selling your own products online

How To Make Money Fast As A Teen – World Proven Methods

As soon as you see this, you might think this is a very difficult task. You might think you need a website domain, hosting, some products and etc for this job. You are absolutely wrong. It is very simple. I will explain how I did it without having any products on my hand.

Have you heard of a thing called “Dropshipping”? Yes, that is the process I used for years and still using. I made an account on eBay with my PayPal email. Made another account on Buyincoins. I sold items in Buyincoins on eBay. How simple? There are lots of dropshipping sites to use.

Usually, I was logging into my Buyincoins account and select a product with its images and descriptions. Then post the same item for a higher price on eBay or Amazon. As soon as a customer made an order, I was logging in to my Buyincoins account and place the same order thereby adding the customers’ address as the shipping address. That’s all.

Easy, right!! For this process, you can use any sites similar to Buyincoins. And you can freely advertise those products on Facebook, Twitter, and similar social media sites or you can use eBay, Amazon and etc as I did.

Instead of selling some other persons’ products, you can sell your own product too. For this, you don’t need your own website at all.

2. Affiliate Marketing

When we talk about the easiest ways to make money as a teen, we can’t forget affiliate marketing at all. Because most of the internet marketers use this successful method to earn even 6 figure amount of dollars per month.

In this method, you promote a product belongs to some other person or company. But you don’t sell it directly. You introduce a potential customer to the product owner. As soon as the customer purchases a product or service, you will get your share (commission)

As an example, I did the domain name promotion for a well famous domain name provider, NameCheap. I promote their solutions through my social media sites, mainly Facebook and Twitter. As soon as a customer purchases a product from the NameCheap site, I got my share. In this way, in some months I made over $5000 (Not only from NameCheap but also from all the affiliate programs I signed up). You can use,,, amazo affiliates and etc as your affiliate website.

3. Freelancing

As I said earlier, this is considered as ideas for stay at home moms to make money. Because anyone can do it if they know something about any specific field.

To perform well in the freelancing field, you must have some specific knowledge of something. As an example, you can perform well in banner designing, but you need the skills of graphic designs to become a successful freelancer in banner designing.

Therefore this method is harder than the above-mentioned methods. But this is one of the best ways to become rich within a few months.

You can sell your services at world-famous platforms, namely UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer and etc. But unfortunately, you need to learn something to work on these sites. Such a great seller Christina reveals her success story in graphic design with us few days back. You can learn a lot from such success stories.

Apart from that, you can sell your skills on graphic designs, web designs, SEO and SEM, video editing, software designing, mobile app designing on millions of platforms available on the web.

Oh… forgot to mention you, if you don’t know anything specific to become a high-quality freelancer, at least you can try some data entry job as a freelancer. But payments are lesser than the rest.

4. Take part in online surveys

There are thousands of surveys hosted online per day. They will pay you for involving and filling data form of those surveys. Some are conducting real surveys, but some are conducting as review campaigns. It doesn’t matter to you till you get some decent money by staying in front of your computer just for a few hours.

I was able to make somewhere around $500-$800 per month by filling such forms in surveys.

5. Blogging and websites

One of the famous ways to make money as a teen. But remember this needs hard work. And it takes sometime to start generating an income. That is why I listed it out as the last one. If you do it right, you will become a millionaire within a few months.

For this, you need your own domain name and hosting space. Then you must design your blog. This takes some time. The next step will be the content and SEO. Gradual completion of these steps will bring you organic traffic by ranking your site high in the Google search engine.


Once you have some decent traffic, you can monetize your blog with PPC advertising such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser or an affiliate program I mentioned above.

This is the favorite method I am using to make money. But you need pure dedication to become an entrepreneur by blogging.

Final thoughts on How to Make Money Fast as a Teen

There is no single way called the best way to make money fast as a teen. But there are hundreds of methods to be a successful money maker on the web. Those methods can be widely classified into five categories, namely product selling, affiliate marketing, freelancing, form filling, and blogging. Any of the methods discussed on any website usually fall into one of the above categories I mentioned.

However, blogging is the most powerful method, but it needs lots of background knowledge and equipment to become successful. The easiest out of the mentioned methods are product selling and affiliate marketing for how to make money fast as a teen.

Sajith Dissanayake is an enthusiastic blogger who is involved in blogging on online money, business tips and marketing. He started his first blog on 2010 and continuing it nearly over 10 years.

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